A deck of cards, two to three players, some betting amounts, and you are ready for the game of poker. Poker games are some of the most liked and adventurous games of our times. However, the risk of betting is always present. Besides, even a small amount of money in the game holds no guarantee of returning back to you during the course of the game or ever. Even after being aware of the amount of risk involved in the poker games, players worldwide love to bet their share of money unsure of the fact whether they will lose it or gain profit from it. A poker game involves money, chips or some kinds or the other betting instrument in the game. Betting instruments are the necessities while playing a poker game. Various types of poker games are found operating in various casinos and clubs around the world. In general, there are only three basic poker games operating on a wide scale.

A conventional poker game at generally follows the five card conventional theory of the game wherein the player tries to win the game with the help of his best five cards in hand. The player having the best card with two rounds of betting and still managing to have the best of cards in his hand wins the round. The variations of poker games are believed to be three in numbers. The major difference between the three is basically how the cards are distributed and dealt with during the particular game.

One of the major poker variants is the shared board games. Some common and most famous examples to the shared board games are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple, and Criss Cross. During such games the cards are distributed to the players. Each player deals with his individual cards. However, the common cards are placed in between which can be used by any player if needed. The common cards are used by the players during a certain stage when they are required to be used. The betting takes place when the first lots of cards are distributed to each of the players. The players on seeing their cards determine or strategize on how to bet and how much amount to bet. The betting rounds are even done on exposing the common set of cards placed in between. The five cards are then reordered and reconsidered in order to derive the best cards out of it with the help of their cards and the common set of cards as well.

Stud games are where no cards are shared amongst the players. Instead some cards are exposed during such games and the rest are faced downwards. The players decide about which cards to choose between the exposed one and the faced down. The betting round takes place after choosing. The best five cards are rearranged and the best cards win.

Draw games are poker games wherein all the cards are faced down. The players have an option of fold and play during the game. The player can even discard the cards and get new ones. The betting cards take place after it. And the same process of five card winning continues.