Todays Best Poker Players

Poker is a worldwide card game that draws millions of following. In just few years, poker has overrun most of the card games that have long lingered in the Western culture. It is evident that in most casinos poker tables are the most profitable. The popularity of poker has even extended into the virtual world and the different forms of multimedia with the television as the main proponent of the game. International tournaments have been set to cater the best players across the globe. World Series of Poker is one the most popular international tournaments held yearly. This is the most comprehensive gathering of the first class poker players. As such, it has given birth to the biggest names in the world of poker. Here are the top ten players, in terms of earnings, in the 2010 WSOP held at Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada last May 28 to July 17.

#9 Cuong Soi Nguyen

This was his fourth bid into WSOP and he was determined to bring home the biggest pot. His aggressive style has garnered him $811, 823. He had a chance to land into the biggest pot winners after overrunning the Day 6 leader, Theo Jorgensen.

#8 Matthew Jarvis

Coming from Surrey, British Colombia, Jarvis bagged a total of $1,045,743 worth of earnings after a series of lucky pots against Brandon Steven. The game round turned out to be the most thrilling part of the tournament with two players vying over a close fight.

#7 Jason Senti

PBJaxx, as Senti is popularly known, ended the race with $1,356,720 on his purse. He entered the last day with the highest pile but was soon ended by a fatal error.

#6 John Dolan

Belonging to the growing number of virtual poker players, John Dolan bagged a total of $1,772,959 after being knocked by the pro players Joseph “subiime” Cheong and John “$JMONEY$” Racener in the final event.

#5 Michael Mizrachi

Considered as a newbie, Michael Mizrachi started his bid on the professional arena in 2004. In just a short time, he was able to land at the elite circle of poker players. His love for the game paid off with a whooping earning of $2,332,992.

#4 Filippo Candio

He would have been on the top 3 list except for some mistakes that had been committed early on the leg. Filippo Candio walked out with earnings of $3,092,545 after a one-round penalty for celebrating early in the tournament.

#3 Joseph Cheong

A professional poker player with a broad arsenal of tactics, Joseph Cheong landed on the third spot with a worth $4,130,049. His aggressive style has paved way for an intimidating round that made David Williams walk away with meagre earnings of $10,000, a landslide victory for this Korean superstar.

#2 John Racener

This guy was definitely born to play poker. That’s how he played the WSOP 2010 where he went home $5,545,955 richer. His strategies outplayed the rest of the players. However, he had to face his third DUI after refusing to get an alcohol test. The bail didn’t even cost him a penny.

#1 Jonathan Duhamel

WSOP’s big winner was Jonathan Duhamel with a winning pot of $8,944,310 which left the second placer far behind. He bested the hardcore players like John Racener and Joseph Cheong through his perfect arsenal of strategies. His earnings that amounted to $8.9 million have set a new record in the tournament. The WSOP 2010 cemented his name into the elite circle of poker experts.