Online Poker a Growing Trend in the Games and Amusement Industry

Over the last three years, online poker has burst into a tremendous popularity that far outweighs its counterparts. As of today, there’s an endless list of online poker rooms serving millions of gambler from across the globe. It’s a new trend that is continuously revolutionizing the gaming industry. This unprecedented success is mainly to be attributed to the fun and entertainment factor of this classic card game.

At Poker Stars, especially Texas Hold ‘em, is the leading card game on any virtual casino. This is not just true here in the United States but as well as other neighboring continents such as Europe and Asia. In fact, online gambling is becoming an influential industry in itself. The popularity of online poker has translated into the media. Indeed, you can see different poker events broadcast live through TV coverage and other forms of media. The US has the World Series of Poker Tour on the Travel Channel and ESPN, Europe has the Late Night Poker aired on some of the well known TV networks, and some countries in Asia have its own version of live poker tournaments. This is due to the fact that the tide is eventually favoring poker. The excitement and fun factor of the game has made it triumph the odds that beset it ever since.

PokerStars, one of the leading online poker rooms, estimated that there are at least 60 million players all over the world. Although these avid fans are not around every time, they are said to play at least twice every month depending on their standing in the ratings. Advanced and hardcore players tend to play different online poker rooms at one time. This is a promising fact that gives the online gambling a boost to enhance their services and improve the quality of games.

While it is hard to tell how many people play poker at, the truth is that there are countless gamblers who are starting to find virtual poker better. Online statistics find it harder to tell whether an account belongs to one player or the player holds several accounts. This is rather important in finding the exact number of players that enters the site. Some gambling sites prefer counting by the number of visits and games played to effectively gauge the traffic in their sites. Nevertheless, most of the online poker rooms are gaining tremendous reputation. It has even brought in poker celebrities, champions and hall of famers.

Statistical analysis has found out that in a 24-hour period, there are around eight thousand individual players on real money tournaments, seven thousand on cash games, and this umber brings in whooping $140 million for the industry, that’s just in a 24-hour period. This is a lot of money rolling in and out of every online poker room. Indeed, online gambling is making a stir into the games and amusement industry.

There are lots of popular internet sites that draw millions of poker players every hour. Some offer tutorial games for starters while others have introductory games for new players on the site. You can find out the best poker rooms by reading some reviews and doing little research.