An Overview of the Democratic Party

One of the things that George Washington warned his fellow politicians about was the dangers of forming political parties. Washington feared that if government parties were formed they would spend more time fighting amongst themselves and less time considering what the people actually needed from their government. It turns out that Washington knew what he was talking about. His advice went unheeded and by the time he left office after his second term as president two distinct political parties were formed. The second president of the United States, John Adams, was a prominent member of one. His Vice President and the man who would become the third president, Thomas Jefferson was headed up the other one. Today those same two parties are in existence today. One is the Democratic Party; the other is the Republican Party.

Although there are some exceptions, the democratic are typically more liberal in their thinking. They usually have a reputation for being more willing to bend and change with the times. Their adaptability to conform usually makes them very popular with the younger constituents who feel that the party’s willingness to change means that they have the nation’s interest at heart and are not just trying to win votes.

Most democrats have a reputation of being environmentally friendly. This has become especially obvious under the current administration who is taking an active interest in creating as many green jobs as they possibly can. The environmental tendencies of the Democratic Party have made it the popular choice among members of groups like the Sierra Club, PETA, and many Hollywood supporters. On the other hand, farmers and others who actually use the earth as means for earning a living tend to take offense at some of the policies and ideas that are presented by the Democratic Party.

When it comes to hunting, the Democratic Party is not a big fan. Not only is the organization anti-hunting, they are also known to have a dim opinion on guns in general. Whenever a proposal for tighter gun control laws is being presented, most democrats will vote in favor of the change. This has gotten them some mixed reviews. While there are lots of people in the United States who would prefer all of the guns in the country to be abolished, there is also a very vocal group of people, many of them are actually democrats themselves, who feel that it is every Americans right to own a gun and to be able to use it for their own self-protection or recreation.

Another hot topic that the Democratic Party supports is abortions. While there are some really notable exceptions, for the most part the party supports a woman’s right to choose, though sometimes their stance comes across as being a little wishy washy as they are very concerned about saying something that could cost them votes.

Most experts feel that the Democratic Party is going to be the political organization that will be the mainstay for the conceivable future. Their supporters are typically young, bright eyed business people who are not only well educated about political issues, but who also are good about voting.