Music and Its Emotional Effects on World Politics

For ages music has been used as an instrument of expression of one’s thoughts and feelings and has affected and helped shape many societies, communities, countries and in fact the whole world. Be it Bandwagons, movement music or garage bands, they have all helped in restructuring the social, political and cultural relations among human groups around the earth. A piece of music has often been used to showcase the hardships, displeasure and hatred of the people from different social classes, ethnic groups, cultures and classes, exerting a greater impact on the world cultures and making it possible to imagine the world in new terms. Songs like ‘We can overcome’ have played an important role in changing the world politics.
Bandwagons meant a wagon carrying a band usually meant for spreading ideas of the new world helping in the structuring of movements and revolutions for bringing a change in the society by creating a shift in the thoughts of the people. Songs can link together ideas or events that the listener may not have grouped together. Music has had multifarious functions from its origin. It is agreed that music serves the purpose of spirit maintenance or reaffirmation, which is an essential function for movements. It helps to lift the spirits of members who are already involved in the movement as well as it helps in the education and recruitment of potential masses which greatly helps in the boosting the enthusiasm.

Songwriters like Bob Dylan and Bob Marley have contributed to the changes in the psyche of the people in today’s world with a hope to make it a better place to live in. They have helped persuade people who have identified with the movement but continue to remain inactive, to take the step into concrete movement activity. The SNCC freedom singer’s tour of the north, in Virginia, in the early 1960s informed potentially sympathetic northerners that there was a movement of resistance in the south during the Civil Rights Movement.

Genres like Anarcho-Punk and Anti-War songs evolved after revolutionary musicologists started using electronically mass distributed music as a weapon to fight for bringing a change in the minds and behavior of individuals. Political songsters used the ability of music to educate people and dominate their mind to bring new approaches to politics and society. Recruitment of individuals by pushing them beyond their intellectual awareness also helped change the political face of the world. An evidence of such recruitment is found Pablo Vila’s account of how “Rock Nacional” partisans became an essential component of the Anti-Military-Dictatorship movement in Argentina or Peter Wicke’s account of the role of rock music in political change in the former East Germany. Thus, we see that not only do the lyrics of a song echo the sentiments of a movement they also have the potential of conjuring up tumults for creating a better political environment around the world.

An Insight on Protest Songs and Their Use in the History

All throughout the past, right from the beginning of the human civilization, music and dance have been integral parts of all our lives. Be it the earliest forms of sounds produced by rocks and pebbles or the modern form of music aided by complex musical instruments, it is no fable that rhythm and beats engage us like nothing else. Be it the symphony of the crickets or the sound of the cascading waves, music finds its way into all our lives right from the time we first breathe to the last thud of our hearts. In such a situation where music plays such an intricate role in all our lives, how can politics be aloof from this wave of pulsation? From a past that is probably as old as the institution of politics itself, music and politics have been intently linked sometimes, harmoniously preaching the tenets of the political parties and sometimes itself being a cause for a political tumult.
All throughout the pages of history, we find examples of the use of music to suit a greater social purpose. Protest songs, patriotic songs or the more basic form of music and songs that are used in political campaigns, rally etc. are validate the point that politics is not untouched by music. Although of all us must have heard or some even participated in some or the other kind of political movement, there are many misconceptions that go about these protest songs. Read along to get a brief overview of what it actually is and the ways in which these songs have stirred social movements.

Coming first to the broader meaning of protest songs, these fall under the category of Topical music and imply to all forms of music that conjure up a political picture or message through direct lyrics as in case of patriotic songs or through the overall feel and marketing of it. Some of the most important and clear examples of movements and political causes that have seen the extensive use of music are the movements for the abolition of Hierarchy, racism, feminism, protest movements for suppress women sufferings and the more recent ones like protest against animal crudity and veganism.

As already mentioned, these songs are rarely explicit in nature. Instead, it the time of their composition or the social conditions prevalent during the time or maybe the composer himself is a cause for them being categorized as protest songs. Examples of such a trend are songs like ‘Goodnight Irene’, ‘Ode to joy’ by Lead Belly and Beethoven respectively rightly qualify this condition. Just because the former was sung by a Black outcast, the originally love song transformed into an expression of disgust among the people. Other examples of protest songs that not only served the purpose of the social cause they were involved with but in a way become the blood and bones of the movement are songs by Pins and Needles.

All regions of the world that faced social upturn of some type have re-casted their own gallery of such songs that summarize the social and political history of the region. Songs from Jamaica and the Caribbean islands, particularly the ones sang by the legendary Mob Marley have been associated with the racist movement from ages. There are several other examples that rightly inkling this obvious link between music and politics.

Connecting Links between Music and Politics

The morning raga of the cuckoo, the song of the crickets or the Beetle’s track playing in your stereo, no matter what form of it is, music is something that has managed to enchant human lives from time immemorial. The cosmic sounds that are believed to have been the source of energy on the planet are testimonials to the fact the music is eternal and that there is no second thought about it. Music has been an integral part of the human civilization from time immemorial, right from the first breath that a child heaves to the final thud of its heart. All these obvious facts make one thing clear that there is hardly any part of our lives that is still untouched by the divine presence of musical notes and serenity. The same follows in case of world politics and if we turn the pages of history, we find several powerful instances where clear correlations between the two have been established.
Before we lay direct examples to ascertain the links that music and politics have in common, it is best to discuss the main points that back the use of music in politics or the political influence in musical genres.

We all have come across songs that seem to stir up feelings of national integrity or patriotism in us. These are also, in a way examples of music being used to preach a political ideal. One thing that is markedly different from strictly patriotic songs and other forms of music that have a light political background is that the former genre of songs often have lyrics that explicitly put forward a social message or words that talk of unity or national integrity. This is however, not the case with the second class of music. Instead of expressing the idea through words, it is generally the time of its composition and the overall marketing that weaves the required web to preach the desired political opinion. The national anthem of a country is undoubtedly the greatest example of the musical expression of politics and patriotism.

The pages of history are full of citations that assert a connection between music and politics. Parodies are one of the most popular form of campaigning, which not only saves the money and effort needed to compose a new song but because popular chart numbers are chosen, reach a wide number of minds due to catchy and upbeat tunes. If we talk of art music, as early as Beethoven’s third symphony was a great example of this connection. It was originally called Bonaparte and was a symbol of the Napoleon conquest. RAPM was a Russian musician collaboration formed in the 1920s under the powerful backing of Stalin and aimed in popularizing the then prevalent ideologies through the avenues of music and instruments. Given below are some of the more contemporary forms of music that found way into world politics over the years and became as iconic as the political movements themselves.

Rock bands such as Crosby, Nash and Young, Living colors, Maniac Street Preachers and the highly powerful form of rock, punk rock have been associated closely with such music. Social issues like hierarchy, was one of the most addressed ones and many great punk rockers like the Crass, The Sex pistols and many more faced a great deal of critical judgment while being the blood and bones of the nation at that point in history.

United States Legislation and Online Casinos

Most people do not think about federal legislation when they decide that they want to play a couple of hands of poker at an online casino. While the average person does not think about the legislation that allows them to do this, the owners of the online casinos and United States government are giving the matter a great deal of thought.

The problem with online casinos and the United States government is that most of the legislation is murky and no one really seems to know how to go about clearing things up. The politicians are trying to tread carefully because online casinos represent a great deal of money, some of which is being donated to campaigns.

Most of the confusion right now directly involves a bit of legislation that is called the Federal Wire Act. This act was passed in 2002. When you read the act it very clearly states that it is no longer legal to send any information about betting over the phone lines. Technically speaking this should outlaw online casinos, since they are all about betting and the internet does not work without phone line. Yet the online casinos continue to operate.

The reasons the online casinos were able to continue their operation even after the Federal Wire Act was passed was all thanks to a federal judge. When the casinos protested the Federal Wire Act the judge provided them with enough breathing room to continue their operations. The judge simply pointed out that the law did not specifically mention online casinos so therefore, they should be allowed to continue their operations.

In 2006, the federal government took another shot at online casinos. This time the law was called the SAFE Port Act. This law, which was signed into law by George W. Bush, made it impossible for banks to knowingly transfer money that they knew was going to be used for internet gambling. In other words, the banks could not transfer funds into a person’s online casino account.

The online casinos scrambled and quickly came up with a plan that allowed them to continue to operate. They simply changed a few things so that real world money was no longer being used. Most people now use a pre-paid credit card when they buy into an online poker game.

Many individual state governments are starting to accept the fact that online poker playing and gambling is here to stay. That instead of fighting against the online casinos, they state governments are looking at ways that they can get the online casinos to work for them. New Jersey is one of those states. This year New Jersey was able to get a law regarding interstate gambling through both houses. The way this law works is that online casinos in the state are legal; however they have to be in New Jersey. The only thing that is still needed to finalize the law is the governor’s signature.

It is unlikely that anything will ever be done that would ban people from online casinos, however poker players should prepare for the fact that there are going to be some laws that will dictate which casinos they can and cannot play at.

How Online Poker Sites Deal With United States Legislation

No one, not even the people who are in charge of making and passing the laws, seems to really understand US laws regarding online casinos. For all intents and purposes it seems like the government has passed several federal laws that should basically eliminate all United States based casinos, but yet the online casinos are still going strong.

Part of the reason that the online casinos are still around has to do with the fact that they are quick to counteract the federal laws. For example when the Federal Wire Act was passed in 2002, the online casino industry was able to get a federal judge to rule that they were exempt from the rule, allowing them to continue their operations.

The real mystery is how United States online poker sites can continue to operate today, when four years ago, in 2006; the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Gambling Enforcement Act was passed. Everyone was sure that that particular law would spell the end of the US online casino, but not only are they still going strong, there are more online casinos now, then there was in 2006. The one thing the law did do was make it a little more difficult to create money for online gambling, because the banks and credit card companies were no longer able to transfer money that was going to be used for online gambling.

When it came to skirting the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Gambling Enforcement Act online casinos proved just how brilliant they were. Since banks and credit card companies could no longer transfer money into individual’s accounts, the online casinos came up with something that they dubbed the e-wallet. Instead of going directly to the online casino, the funds were in fact transferred straight to the wallet which was not based in the United States. The money then bounced back from the wallet to the United States where it could be used for online poker and blackjack.

The lesson that the United States government learned from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was that if people wanted to gamble online, they were going to do so. The federal government seems to be having a difficult time grasping that concept and is still looking for ways that they can regulate online gambling, however many states are taking a more rational approach. The state governments are looking at ways that they can keep the money that is spent gambling online, in the state. The first state to get legislation through both houses regarding interstate gambling and online casinos is New Jersey. As soon as the governor signs the legislation, New Jersey will have the first interstate gambling laws.

The poker odds are pretty good that as soon as the can see how successful the interstate gambling policy is in New Jersey, the more states are going to pass similar laws. The states should wait to see what hiccups New Jersey encounters so that they can word their own state legislation in a way that the problems can be avoided.

Online Poker a Growing Trend in the Games and Amusement Industry

Over the last three years, online poker has burst into a tremendous popularity that far outweighs its counterparts. As of today, there’s an endless list of online poker rooms serving millions of gambler from across the globe. It’s a new trend that is continuously revolutionizing the gaming industry. This unprecedented success is mainly to be attributed to the fun and entertainment factor of this classic card game.

At Poker Stars, especially Texas Hold ‘em, is the leading card game on any virtual casino. This is not just true here in the United States but as well as other neighboring continents such as Europe and Asia. In fact, online gambling is becoming an influential industry in itself. The popularity of online poker has translated into the media. Indeed, you can see different poker events broadcast live through TV coverage and other forms of media. The US has the World Series of Poker Tour on the Travel Channel and ESPN, Europe has the Late Night Poker aired on some of the well known TV networks, and some countries in Asia have its own version of live poker tournaments. This is due to the fact that the tide is eventually favoring poker. The excitement and fun factor of the game has made it triumph the odds that beset it ever since.

PokerStars, one of the leading online poker rooms, estimated that there are at least 60 million players all over the world. Although these avid fans are not around every time, they are said to play at least twice every month depending on their standing in the ratings. Advanced and hardcore players tend to play different online poker rooms at one time. This is a promising fact that gives the online gambling a boost to enhance their services and improve the quality of games.

While it is hard to tell how many people play poker at, the truth is that there are countless gamblers who are starting to find virtual poker better. Online statistics find it harder to tell whether an account belongs to one player or the player holds several accounts. This is rather important in finding the exact number of players that enters the site. Some gambling sites prefer counting by the number of visits and games played to effectively gauge the traffic in their sites. Nevertheless, most of the online poker rooms are gaining tremendous reputation. It has even brought in poker celebrities, champions and hall of famers.

Statistical analysis has found out that in a 24-hour period, there are around eight thousand individual players on real money tournaments, seven thousand on cash games, and this umber brings in whooping $140 million for the industry, that’s just in a 24-hour period. This is a lot of money rolling in and out of every online poker room. Indeed, online gambling is making a stir into the games and amusement industry.

There are lots of popular internet sites that draw millions of poker players every hour. Some offer tutorial games for starters while others have introductory games for new players on the site. You can find out the best poker rooms by reading some reviews and doing little research.

Best Poker Sites

Best Poker Sites And Why These Top Poker Sites Should Make It To Your List Too!

This article features 10 best poker sites that are frequented by pros, celebrities, young adults and even academicians, all of whom are keen to see how far they can stretch their luck, skill and gaming theories for winning big at the big time poker tournaments.

The common factors among all the websites that made it to our list of Top 10 Poker sites are gaming variety, specialized software and reliability. So make your choice on online poker games from one of these sites given below and you are sure to not only enjoy your favorite card game but also avail expert guidance (loads of advice columns, articles, videos and books available on each site) and free software tool support for improving your poker game!

Number one on our list of best online poker rooms is PokerStars with a bonus amount of $600 on a sign up and you can read its review to get more info on what makes it unique. PokerStars local, Titan Poker and Poker 770 are three other sites that offer the same sign up amount while Party Poker offers new sign ups $500 for joining them.

Now you may well think why we list Bodog Poker local at number 5 even though they offer $1100 – the most generous bonus amount among all the top poker rooms – but then you have to also consider their clauses and amount of time they take to transfer the bonus for the member. Betfair Poker offering a thousand dollars in bonus amounts is placed number 6 on our list because they have a few technical kinks to sort out before they can hope to offer the quality of gaming the top two poker rooms ensure.

Then there is PokerStars that comes in at number 7 on our list with a bonus payout rate of $400 while Everest Poker gives out only $300 as bonus sign up amount. Bwin is the last online site on our list and that’s because it offers only $100 in bonus sign up.

Some of the sites mentioned above have great customer support that has won them a higher rank on our list while others generate high player traffic numbers that make them great gaming sites ensuring thrills and big payoffs for good players. However, the fact remains that each site has its own strengths and weak points, which must be considered by the player before signing up for any of them in order to make the most of their gaming dollar.

So read the review of a particular site that interests you and if you are after huge game variety, pick one that is not limited by only traditional poker games or you’ll regret signing up for it. But, if you are a savvy player keen on building up your poker bankroll with every game, then the new sites offering huge sign-up bonuses that are more likely to attract beginner players hoping to make a kill are where you should be heading – because you are likely to be a stronger player than the average newbie that signs up, right?

Finally, don’t forget to check out the visitor ratings for each site listed above that interests you and the tournament details besides promo deals (fancy a luxury vacation? Then head for Full Tilt Poker!) to choose the best poker site. For features like great support, click by but for low to mid cash game action (if you want to improve your game before venturing out with the big guys), pick Titan.

Thus, depending on the different things you want out of your gambling opportunity online, choose a poker room that is technically and financially safe so you ensure fair play and value for time and money invested. Get detailed reviews of all poker rooms at

Effective Poker Strategies To Win Big

Poker is not like any other games that depend on luck. This is more of a mind puzzle that can make the playing ground even for all players. Meaning a newbie can outplay an expert as an expert can slaughter all of his peers. This is especially true with the varying techniques and approaches of every player. While some may think that the game depends much on cards dealt, it cannot never solely depend on this factor. Most often everything boils down on the way you play the game. You might have seen it on PokerStars TV when an undercard wins the biggest pot at the end of the game. There’s just millions of possibilities while the game is on and saying that you are bound to win or lose is the worst thing you can do.

Deciphering the magic behind card games like poker often need thorough study of the math behind the game. This is the best way of getting ahead of other players. As an exact science, math can explain why someone ends up winning the pots and why the other player tends to lose. This pattern does not depend on the player’s luck but rather on how he understands the logic behind the game. If you are a newbie poker player, you can start off with some of the best tips that expert poker players follow. These are easily defined by math and tend to define whether you’ll win or lose. Here are some of the effective strategies if you want to win big.

1. Since the card are dealt randomly, you are assured that everyone has an even chance of winning. So the question is how you can turn your cards on the top. While it is impossible to learn what other players’ cards are, you can always see them through their bets. Say for example someone, who plays against a big bet, will definitely have a high card. Of course, if you are discounting bluffs and playing slow. In this case, you have two options, if your card is on the upper hand you can go through the game. It is even advisable that you fold when cards not that sure instead of bluffing around.

2. There are the hierarchies of card combinations that need to be followed. It is said that once your cards are on the top ten spots, you can play it either way you want. The top ten cards are A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, 10-10, 9-9, A-K, A-Q, K-Q, and 8-8. Most poker experts tend to play their varied strategies when these cards luckily landed on their hands. For starters, these combinations will guide them in choosing the best time to play it hard and slow. Just be careful that you know when to save your bankroll in case things change on the river.

3. Never get too much attached in the game. This is the reason why people often lose in a game. They are easily provoked by the situation and end up being caught into a trap. Beware of poker champions as they can easily lure you into a fatal mistake. Usually, they will make their cards look as if it were poor then they’ll surprise you with some high ranking cards. Too late your bankroll has already swelled into the pot. These errors can be easily avoided by playing cool and thinking well before any action. Often a hasty decision can turn the game against you.

Most of the poker champions hold these three golden rules with much consideration. As you get into the game, you will soon know these things by heart. By this time, you’re making yourself a champion. Click here for more poker tips.

An Overview of the Democratic Party

One of the things that George Washington warned his fellow politicians about was the dangers of forming political parties. Washington feared that if government parties were formed they would spend more time fighting amongst themselves and less time considering what the people actually needed from their government. It turns out that Washington knew what he was talking about. His advice went unheeded and by the time he left office after his second term as president two distinct political parties were formed. The second president of the United States, John Adams, was a prominent member of one. His Vice President and the man who would become the third president, Thomas Jefferson was headed up the other one. Today those same two parties are in existence today. One is the Democratic Party; the other is the Republican Party.

Although there are some exceptions, the democratic are typically more liberal in their thinking. They usually have a reputation for being more willing to bend and change with the times. Their adaptability to conform usually makes them very popular with the younger constituents who feel that the party’s willingness to change means that they have the nation’s interest at heart and are not just trying to win votes.

Most democrats have a reputation of being environmentally friendly. This has become especially obvious under the current administration who is taking an active interest in creating as many green jobs as they possibly can. The environmental tendencies of the Democratic Party have made it the popular choice among members of groups like the Sierra Club, PETA, and many Hollywood supporters. On the other hand, farmers and others who actually use the earth as means for earning a living tend to take offense at some of the policies and ideas that are presented by the Democratic Party.

When it comes to hunting, the Democratic Party is not a big fan. Not only is the organization anti-hunting, they are also known to have a dim opinion on guns in general. Whenever a proposal for tighter gun control laws is being presented, most democrats will vote in favor of the change. This has gotten them some mixed reviews. While there are lots of people in the United States who would prefer all of the guns in the country to be abolished, there is also a very vocal group of people, many of them are actually democrats themselves, who feel that it is every Americans right to own a gun and to be able to use it for their own self-protection or recreation.

Another hot topic that the Democratic Party supports is abortions. While there are some really notable exceptions, for the most part the party supports a woman’s right to choose, though sometimes their stance comes across as being a little wishy washy as they are very concerned about saying something that could cost them votes.

Most experts feel that the Democratic Party is going to be the political organization that will be the mainstay for the conceivable future. Their supporters are typically young, bright eyed business people who are not only well educated about political issues, but who also are good about voting.